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  • Question 1: Each sweather is sold 105 dollar originally. During the annual sale, each sweather is sold 61 dollars. If Tony buys 7 sweathers, how much money can he save?
  • Question 2: As shown below, how many US dollars are there in total?
  • Image question 2
  • Question 3: Two even numbers are written on the blackboard, one is smaller and the other is bigger. Given that the bigger one is 6 times the smaller one plus 2. If one of the numbers is 68, find the other number.
  • Question 4: Look at the picture and find the shapes with the longest and the shortest perimeters
  • Image question 4
  • Question 5: Fold the figure below into a cube. Find the minimum sum of the numbers on three of the faces which share the common vertex.
  • Image question 5
  • Question 6: Pick three numbers out of the five number below to form 3-digit number, and the digits cannot repeat. Find the difference between the largest and the smallest 3-digit numbers.
  • Image question 6
  • Question 7: 456 people attended a game show which had three round. In the round of "Red light, green light," 138 people were eliminated. In the round of "Musical chairs," some people were eliminated. People who were eliminated in the round of "Hopscotch" where half more than the people who had been eliminated in the round of "Red light, green light." In the end, 11 people passed the game. How many people were eliminated in the round of "Musical chairs"?
  • Question 8: Set the largest value and the smallest value of square + circle to be M and m, respectively. Find M + m
  • Image question 8
  • Question 9: The sum of the digits of a 4-digit number is 24. If the sum of its hundreds digit and unit digit happen to be 3 times the sum of its thousands digit and ten digit, how many such 4-digit numbers are there?
  • Question 10: As shown below, draw cricle on the products of 3, draw square on the products of 5, draw triangle on the products of 8. If the same five symbols can be linked up as a straight line, how many straight lines can be drawn?(Different symbols can be drawn on the same number).
  • Image question 10