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  • Question 1: Any two of the four people Joe, Donald, Mary, and Harris play rock-paper-scissors. The winner gets 5 points, the loser gets 1 point, and both players get 3 points as they draw the game. Complete the result below. Circle means to win, X means to lose, and Tiangle means to draw. How many points does Donald get?
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  • Question 2: The unfolded die is shown below. Suppose the sum of the numbers on the two opposite face is 7, which option below is correct?
  • Image question 2
  • Question 3: Given an octachedron lantern. Each triangular face adjacent to another three triangular faces. If the lantern is covered with triangular colored paper, and the colors of the adjacent faces cannot be the same, at least how many colors of paper should be prepared?
  • Image question 3
  • Question 4: The school buys students face masks of four colors. Suppose 153 of them are not black, 125 of them are not white, 138 of them are not blue, and 30 face masks are green, how many face masks does the school buy in total.
  • Question 5: The picture shows a Sudoku game with number 1 to 4. The number and the math symbol in the top left corner of the frame indicate the result in each frame. For example, "8x" means that the product of the numbers in the frame is 8. Find the sum of three numbers A+B+C.
  • Question 6: ( ) + 374 = 842
  • Question 7: The red rope is 45cm long, the blue rope is 1m23cm long, the yellow rope is longer than the red rope yet shorter than the blue rope. Which option below might be the length of yellow rope?
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  • Question 8:
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  • Question 9: It is said that those who find clovers (with 4 leaves) among shamrocks (with 3 leaves) are lucky. One day, Anna was picking shamrocks in the forest. After she had picked the first clover, she found that she happened to pick 100 leaves. How many shamrocks did she already pick?
  • Question 10:
  • Image question 10