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  • Question 1: Find the pattern and fill the suitable number in "?".
  • Image question 1
  • Question 2: Connect two ribbons together which are 64cm long each. If the overlapping part is 18cm long, how long is the new ribbon in cm?
  • Question 3: Given a 3-digit number, and the sum of the three digits is 26. Find the difference between the largest 3-digit number and and the smallest 3-digit number that satisfy the condition.
  • Question 4: Choose a figure according to the given figures.
  • Image question 4
    Image question 4
  • Question 5: Both Mom's and Peter's birthdays are on a Monday in August. Suppose Peter's birthday is ealier, and the sum of the two dates is 38, when is Peter's birthday in August?
  • Question 6: Compute 7x53x14+47x14x7
  • Question 7: If AxB=36, A/B=4, find A+B+B
  • Question 8: The picture shows the routes between Eric's home and school. Which route is the longest?
  • Image question 8
  • Question 9: Write the appropriate math symbol +, -, x, or / at the needed place below to complete the number sentence. Which option contains the correct symbols and their number? (Regardless of the order)
  • Image question 9
  • Question 10: Use a square whose side length is 6cm and 4 identical rectangles to form a large squre whose side length is 22cm. Find the width of the rectangle in cm.
  • Image question 10