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  • Question 1: Compute 612+289-75.
  • Question 2: Dissolve 1 gram of sugar in 10 grams of water. What is the proportion of the weight of the sugar to the weight of the water?
  • Question 3: Given a 3-digit number. Its hundred digit is 6, and that is twice the number of its tens digit. If the sum of digit of this 3-digit number is 13, what is 3-digit number?
  • Question 4: 42/7 = X. 78/X = ?.
  • Question 5: Which number is the closest to 2?
  • Question 6: Use 9 squares whose side length is 3cm to form a large square. Find the perimeter of the large square in cm.
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  • Question 7: If the product of 21xA is a 3-digit number whihc is smaller than 180, how many 1-digit numbers can be filled in A?
  • Question 8: A group of children exercise in a row. The number of children is larger than 30 yet smaller than 40. If they are able to form a solid square, how many children are on each side of the square?
  • Question 9: The record shows the hits that Hank the baseball player hit in a week. How many hits did he hit in total from Monday to Friday?
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  • Question 10: How many shapes are divided equally?
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