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  • Question 1: How many square(s) is/are there in the figure below?
  • Image for question 1
  • Question 2: At least how many square(s) can be seen if observing the figure below from the right hand side?
  • Image for question 2
  • Question 3: Refer to the figure below, all small triagles are equilateral triagles. IF the perimeter of a small triangle is
    18cm, what is the permeter of the figure below?
  • Image for question 3
  • Question 4: It is known that the lengths of two sides for a triangle are 6cm and 11cm respectively and a length of other side is integer. Find the difference between the maximum and the minimum length of the other length;
  • Question 5: A prism has 260 vertices, how many edge(s) does this prism have?
    Formula: vertice = 2xN.
    Edge = 3xN
  • Question 6: A rectangle has a perimeter of 74. If the length and width of the rectangle are both integers, what is the
    maximum possible area among that rectangle.
  • Question 7: 19 students are either ordering menu A, B, C or D. At least how many students order the same menu?
  • Question 8: What is the smallest 5-digit even number by using 0, 1, 3, 5, and 8?(Each number can only be used once)
  • Question 9: How many 3-digit number(s) having the tens digit that is larger than 6 is/are there?
  • Question 10: A drink shop has 4 types of drink and 6 types of topping. How many way(s) can Peter buy 1 drink with 3 topping?(The type of toppings can be repeated)