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  • Question 1: Find the value of 18x2+9x5+15x2
  • Question 2: Find the value of 72/2+72/3+72/6-72/12-72/36
  • Question 3: Find the value of 2x3x8x16x25x125
  • Question 4: Find the value of 22x2222
  • Question 5: Determine the result of 7x3+8x6+9x9+10x12+11x15+12x18+13x21 is an odd or even number.
  • Question 6: The sum of A and B is 84. A is 6 times of B. Find the value of A.
  • Question 7: Define the operation symbol a@b=(a-b)x(b-2), find the value of (8@4)
  • Question 8: A 3-digit number is divided by 18 to get a remainder of 7. Find the minimum value of this 3-digit number.
  • Question 9: The numbers below follow the arithmetic sequence, what is the 23rd number?
  • Question 10: What is the smallest 3-digit even number that can both be divisible by 4 and 6?