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  • Question 1: Donald has 5 $1 coins, 5 $2 coins and 5 $5 coins, how many vlues(s) of a product can be buy without any changes?
  • Question 2: Choose 4 digits, without repetition, from 0, 1, 4, 7 and 8 to form 2-digit numbers and minus them. What is the minimum value of the difference?
  • Question 3: Today is Saturday. Which day of the week was 11 days ago?
  • Question 4: According to the pattern shown below, how many circle(s) is/are there from 1st to 72nd symbol counting from the left?
  • image of question 4
  • Question 5: According to the pattern shown below, what is the number in the blank?
  • Question 6: According to the pattern shown below, how many * is/are there in the 7th group?
  • image of question 6
  • Question 7: The age of Raymond 7 years ago is equal to the age of John 2 years later. Given that Raymond 17 years old now, how old is John now?
  • Question 8: In class 3A, all students queue up to form a rectangle. Adny stands on the most left row. On right hand side, there are 5 students. There are 4 students in front of and 3 students behind Andy. How many student(s) is/are in class 3A?
  • Question 9: Find the value of 118+274+261+312+169+346
  • Question 10: Find the value of 6+8+10+12+14+16+20+22+24+26+28