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  • Question 1: One unit square is one square face of a small cube. At least ho wmany unit square(s) can be seen if viewing the figure below from the top?
  • image of question 1
  • Question 2: A pyramid has 36 edges, how many face(s) does this pyramid have?
  • Question 3: How many square(s) is/are there in the figure below?
  • image of question 3
  • Question 4: How many line segment(s) is/are there in the figure below?
  • image of question 4
  • Question 5: At most how many line(s) can be formed by using 5 points on a plane?
  • Question 6: According to the pattern shown below, what is the figure in the space provided?
  • image of question 6
  • Question 7: What is the smallest 4-digit number by using 0, 3, 5, 6, and 8? (Each number can only be used once).
  • Question 8: Choose 4 digits, without repetition, from 0, 3, 5 and 8 to form two 2-digit numbers. What is the minimum value of difference
  • Question 9: There are 3 ways from canteen to library. There are 5 ways from the library to swimming pool. There are 3 ways from swimming pool to cinema. How many different way(s) is/are from the canteen to cinema through the library and the swimming pool respectively?
  • Question 10: According to the values of the following expressions, how many 2-digit number(s) is/are there?