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  • Question 1: Find the value of 1+2+3-4+5+6+7-8+9+10+11-12+.....+37+38+39-40.
  • Question 2: Fill the lines with '+' and '-' to make the equation below correct.(Write down the complete equation on the answer sheet) 11........5........4.......2 = 14.
  • Question 3: Determine the resuld of 11+14+18+21+24+28+31+34+38 is an odd or even number?
  • Question 4: 8 student have an even number of score of mathematic test in total. 3 children have an odd number of score and 3 childred has an even number of scores. How many children have enven numbers of scores?
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  • Question 5: Find the largest 4-digit odd number without repeated digits
  • Question 6: How many 2-digit odd number(s) that is/are multiples of 5 is/are there?
  • Question 7: How many square(s) is/are there in the figure below?
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  • Question 8: It is known that the lengths of two sides for a triagle are 7cm and 8cm respectively and all lengths are intergers. Find the maximum length of the other length.
  • Question 9: According to the following answers, how many 2-digit number(s) is/are there?
    8+1, 7x3, 21/3, 6+3, 9-4, 5+5;
  • Question 10: According to the pattern shown below. What is the figure in the space provided?
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