Two Sibling

Tow baby sparrows are siblings, called A Praphes and A Loeurng.
One morning, a hunter secretly came along to catch them in their nest.
Luckily, they can escape and fly a long way away.
The two siblings are so exhausted, tired and hungry.
A Praphes says to A Loeurng:

  • I can't go any further!.. We should find a place to rest!...
  • Hearing this, A Praphes replies:

  • Well!.. I am tired too!..
  • After saying this, the two sibling sparrows then come down to
    the perch on a porch in front of a house with a cage nearby.
    A Loeurng saw food placed in the cage and said happily.

  • A Praphes!..Look!..There is food in there!..
  • The two sibling sparrows then come to stand in front
    of the cage in their hunger. Suddenly, the cage says.

  • Welcome tow baby sparrow!..Please come in to live in the cage with food that is ready!..
  • A Loeurng then turns to ask the cage:

  • When I go in to live in the cage!.., will I be able to get out?
  • The cage replies to A Loeurng:

  • You cannot!..Why will you need to get out when the food is already there in the cage!..
  • A Prophes replies to the cage:

  • But we need to see our relatives and friends outside!..
  • The cage shakes its head in denial:

  • Impossible!..Do not come to live in the cage if you want freedom!..
    But come to live in the cage if you need food!..
  • Because of its extreme hunger and lack of patience,
    A Loeurng decides to live in the cage, while A Prophes subsequently flies away from there.
    Shortly after that, A Praphes finds a fruit tree and starts to build a nest to live on that tree.
    Many years pass. A Praphes thinks about A Loeurng and then flies there for a visit.
    A Praphes notices that A Loeurng is skinny, and asks:

  • A Loeurng!..Why are you so thin? And where have your beautiful yellow feathers all gone?..
  • A Loeurng looks at A Praphes and says:

  • A Praphes, it is my fault!..Life in the cage is hard, some days there is no food,
    other days I get wet from the rain, some days I have to sleep under the burning sun,
    and some days my beautiful feathers were removed for fun by the house owner's children!..
  • Suddenly, the rain came. A Praphes flies to tke shelter from the rain while
    A Loeurng can only flap its wings in the cage and is soaking wet.
    A Praphes gazes at A Loeurng and thinks "This was because you lacked patience when you were hungry!..
    If you had just been a bit patient then, you would not need to live in the cage!.."

    As it cannot give any help, A Praphes sadly flies back to its nest.
    "There is no such thing as a free lunch in this world"
    "A gift always has a purpose. Therefore, before accepting any gift from any person,
    you would be aware of his/her intention if advance"

    The End