The Camping Trip, Continue...

'Look,' says Sam. 'That's our tent'
'We haven't got a tent,' says Tom. 'We've got
a shelter! It's made of sticks, stones and leaves.'
'Wow! Can I look inside?' asks Sam.
The children go into the shelter.
'This is our bedroom,' says Anna.
'It's a great shelter!' says Sam.
'Look, Mum and Dad,' says Anna. 'We've got a new
friend! His name is Sam.'
'Look, Mum and Dad,' says Sam. 'I've got tow new
friends! Their names are Anna and Tom.'
The mums and dads say hello.
'What's that?' asks Anna.
'It's tent,' says Sam's dad. 'It was on the road!'
'That's our tent!' says Dad.
'And what's that?' asks Tom.
'It's a camping stove,' says Sam's mum. 'It was
on the road too!'
'That's our camping stove!' says Mum.
'A shelter is fun,' says Tom. 'A shelter is better than a tent!'
'And a fire is better than a camping stove!', says Anna.