The Camping Trip, Continue...

'Let's have dinner,' says Dad. 'We've got rice and fish'
'Great!' says Tom. 'I like fish'.
'And I like rice,' says Anna.
'Where's the camping stove?' asks Mum.
'Oh, dear!' says Dad. 'It was on the roof!'.
'Let's make a fire,' says Anna.
Anna and Tom make a fire. Mum helps them.
Then Dad cooks the rice and fish on the fire.
'Yum!' says Tom. 'I'm not hungry now!'
'It's nine o'clock,' says Mum. 'It's time to go to bed'
'I'm tired,' says Tom.
Tom and Anna put their sleeping mats and
their sleeping bags in the shelter.
'This is my bed,' says Tom.
'And this is my bed,' says Anna. 'I like my bed!'
They put on their pyjamas and go to bed.
'Oh no, it's raining!' says Anna.
But it's ok. It's wet outside, but it's dry in the shelter.
It's morning. It's sunny. Tom and Anna put on
shorts and T-shirts.
'Let's go outside,' say Anna.
They see a family - a boy, a man and a woman.
They have got a big tent.
The boy sees Anna and Tom. He comes to their shelter.
'Hello,' he says. 'I'm Sam'.
'Hello, Sam,' says Anna. 'I'm Anna. And this is Tom.'