The Camping Trip, Continue...

They get into the car. They drive and drive and drive.
They see houses and shops.
They see cows ans sheep.
'I'am bored!' says Anna.
'Let's listen to music,' says Tom.
'Good idea!' says Anna.
They arrive in Upton.
'Here's the camping site!' says Mum.
It's sunny. The camping site is very nice.
Tom and Anna are happy.
'I can see the sea!' says Anna.
Dad looks at the roof. 'Oh, no!' he says.
'Where's the tent? It was on the roof!'
'Let's find the tent.' says Dad.
'It's late,' says Mum. 'It's seven o'clock!'
'But where can we sleep?' asks Anna.
'I know,' says Dad. 'Let's make a shelter'.
'A shelter?' says Tom. 'What's that?'.
'Look,' says Dad.
Dad makes a shelter with sticks, stones and leaves.
Anna, Tom and Mum help him.
'This is a great shelter!' say Tom.
'We can look for the tent tomorrow', says Mum.