The Camping Trip, Continue...

'Where's the tent?' asks Dad.
'I don't know,' says Mum.
They look upstairs. They look downstairs.
They look everywhere.
Mum finds the tent under the stairs.
'Here it is!' she says.
Dad finds some chairs and blankets. Mum puts some food in a bag.
Anna and Tom put some clothes in a bag.
Dad puts lots of things in the car.
He puts somethings on the roof.
'Wait!' says Tom. 'I haven't got my teddy!'
He finds his teddy.
Now they are ready. Off they go!
They drive and drive and drive. It's a long way!
Tom and Anna play games in the car.
They count the red cars.
They count the blue cars.
'I'm hungry!' says Tom.
'Let's have a picnic,' says Mum.
They find a park and get out of the car.
Mum finds the food. Dad makes some sandwiches.
'Cheese, please,' says Anna.
'Chicken and cheese and salad, please,' says Tom.
Tom's sandwich is big!