The Gym

After leaving Dwight’s Lights, Kim stopped for a moment to think about where she should try next to find a job.

“Mom's pals, Tom and Beth, run a gym that is nearby. I might have a chance getting a job at their gym, so let's go!.

On the way to the gym, Kim explained to Kurt that a gym is a place where people go to exercise and get in shape, She explained that people pay to be members of a gym.

Kurt had never visited a gym. The gym seemed odd to him. He stood staring at a man who was jogging in place.

“He keeps running,” said Kurt, “but he is still in the same place!”

“It’s kind of like the wheel that rat of yours likes to run on,” said Kim. “It lets him run in place.”

“He's not a rat,” said Kurt. “He's a hamster!”
Kurt kept on looking at the man jogging in place.

“Why not just run in the park?” he asked.

“Some people think the gym is fun, just like you think the park is fun,” Kim said.

“Alll the people here are working hard,” Kurt said. “Why do they pay to work so hard?”

“It makes them feel good and strong after they have finished,” Kim said.

Just then Tom and Beth came over to see them.

“Hi, Kim! Hi, Kurt!” said Beth. “It’s good to see you. What brings you here?”

Kim said, “I’m looking for a summer job. I stopped to see if you need help. Are you hiring?”

“We just hired someone for a job in the snack bar,” Beth said, pointing over to the counter. “People like to have a cool drink and a snack when they finish in the gym.”

“That looks like a good job,” said Kim. “I wish I had gotten here sooner.”

“Bad timing,” said Beth. “We don’t need more help right now. But you will find a job somewhere else.”

Tom took Kurt and Kim to see the rest of the gym.

Kurt pointed at a man who was doing curls.

“What's he doing?” Kurt asked.
“He's doing curls,” Tom explained. “Would you like to do some curls?”
Kurt nodded.
“Here,” Tom said.

“Use this one. Lift it up. That will strengthen your biceps—the tops of your arms. Then let it down- That will strengthen your triceps—the backs of your arms.”

Kurt did five or six curls. Then he clenched his arm and yelled, “Iam the man of steel!”
Kim just smiled at Kurt.

Kim spoke to Beth and Tom. “Well, I suppose we should go,” she said. “Thank you for meeting with me.”

“No problem,” said Tom.

“Good luck with the job hunt,” said Beth. “We will send word to you if we need help here.”

“Why don’t you go see Alberto at the corner market?” added Tom. “He may have a job for you. Plus, he’s one of the nicest men I ever met.”