The Daydream

The subway train went on past wall Street, going north.

Kim looked at the Job Opening ads in the Paper.

Kurt looked up at the posters that were hanging on the walls of the train. One of them was poster of two star baseball players. The players seemed to smile down at Kurt, as if to say, “This is the life, man!”

Kurt stared at the poster and daydreamed. He could hear aman speaking. The man was calling out the play-by-play for a baseball game.

“Two out in the ninth inning,” the man said. “The home team is down by two runs. So, Mark, it looks like it’s all up to Kurt Gunter at this point.”

“Well, James,” said a different voice, “Kurt Gunter has had such a good year. As you know, the former spaceship pilot and race car driver is leading the team in hits, home runs, and runs batted in. He has hit the ball so well this year that most fans I've spoken with think he’s the bee's knees! In fact, [had a caller on my show, Sports Yap, last week who told me he thinks Gunter should make twice what they pay him.”

“So Gunter steps up to the plate. Here's the pitch. It’s a strike. The fans are mad. They don’t like the call. They think it was a ball. But Gunter himself seems not to mind. He steps back into the box. Here's the pitch. Gunter swings.

“Look out, Mark! He got a bit of that one! It's a long fly ball to the left. It’s going, it’s going. It's out of here! Kurt Gunter has hit a home run! Home run by Gunter! We win! We win!”

James, I'm telling you, that’s why Kurt Gunter isa rich man!”

“Gunter is rounding the bases. He tips is hat to the fans. The fans are going wild! They are shouting, ‘‘Kurt! Kurt! Kurt!”

Just then Kurt looked up. Kim was shaking him and saying, “Kurt, Kurt, Kurt! This is our stop!”