The Bakery

Kurt followed Kim as they made their way sate way down the street, checking in all the shops. Then he saw something up high.

Look at him!” Kurt said, pointing up at a store. There was a window cleaner high up on the side and he sat on a platform. The platform was hanging by long ropes

“He clearly has no fear of high places,” said Kim. “That is not the job for me”

“I think it would be fun,” said Kurt. “Think of all the stuff you could see from way up there!”

“I would rather see the sights from inside the store,” Kim said. “Let’s keep going. It’s getting late.”

Suddenly, Kurt smelled something that made his tummy thunder, The smell of freshly baked good filled the air.

“We must go in there!” Kurt said.

It was a bakery. The baked goods were displayed in a big glass case. There were cakes and cupcakes. There were rolls and muffins. There were sticky buns and other yummy treats.

Kim asked if they had a job opening.

“Maybe,” said the baker. “The boss is out. Fill out these forms. She will call you later if she has a job.”

“This place is making me hungry,” Kurt said.

“Here, you can have this muffin,” said the baker. “It’s a day old, but it’s perfectly fine. It’s a cranberry muffin.”

Kurt bit into the muffin. “It's so tasty” he said. “It’s tart, but also sweet. What's in it”

“All muffins start out with the same basic recipe,” the man said. “You need flour, eggs cream, and butter. The tart taste is from the cranberry. That's all I can tell you! The rest of the recipe is a secret.”

“Why is it a secret?” Kurt asked.

“If I told people how to make muffins like that one, then they would not need to come here to get one.”

As they left the bakery, Kurt whispered to Kim, “If you get a job here, maybe they'll teach you the secret recipe. Then we can open our own bakery.”

“So you are going to be a baker now?” Kim said with a smile. “You are quite a dreamer, Kurt.”