It was morning. Kurt Gunter was in the kitchen with his big sister, Kim. Kurt placed some butter on his toast. Kim glanced at the paper and ate some toast.

Kurt was seven. His sister Kim was nineteen. She was home from college for the summer.

“What are you doing?” Kurt asked.

“I'm looking in today’s paper at the Job Opening, ads,” Kim said.

“I need a summer job,” Kim explained.
“Why do you need a job?”
“So I can make some cash.”

“What will you do with your cash?” asked Kurt.

“I'll save most of it,” said Kim, “But I'll spend some on things I need, like clothing. And I would like to get a bike”

“You can get a bike if you get a job?”


Kurt sat thinking of how much fun it would be to ride bikes with Kim.

“Cool! So, what sort of job will you get?” Kurt asked.

“I can’t tell. That's why I’m looking at the paper.”

Kurt ate some toast. Then he asked, “Should I get a job, too?”

Kim smiled, “You are just seven,” she said. “You don’t need to get a job yet. You should be having fun.”

“But I would like one!” Kurt wailed.

“I'll tell you what,” Kim said. “You can help me look for a job. If you see a job you like, then you can get that job when you are my age.”

“That sounds good!” Kurt said.

When she finished reading the ads, Kim went and dressed. She dressed in her best slacks and a crisp ieee white shirt.

“Why are you all dressed up?” asked Kurt.

“It helps to dress up when you go looking for a job” Kim, explained.

“Should I dress up, too?”

“Just slip on a pair of nice shorts,” she told him.

Kurt ran off and got a pair of shorts.

“Would you say this pair of shorts is nice?” he asked.

“Those will do,” said Kim.

Then Kim went to see her mom.

“All set for the job hunt?” Mrs. Gunter asked with a smile.

Kim nodded.

“You look nice. Did you check to see if it will rain?”

“It’s not going to rain, but it’s going to be hot.”

“Okay. Here’s a fare card for the subway,” said Mrs. Gunter. “And here’s some cash to pay for lunch and snacks. Call me if there’s a problem.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Kim said.

Kurt burst into the room. “Mom, I’m going to get a job, too!” he shouted.

Mrs. Gunter said, “Your job is first to do what Kim says and then to be good while she looks for a job.”

“Yes, Mom,” said Kurt.

Then Mrs. Gunter spoke to Kim. “Keep your chin up. Use your best manners. Smile. And let them see how smart you are. That will help you get a job.”

As they went out, Kurt asked, “Where are we going?”
Kim said, “Just stay with me.”