Keeping It Up

“Where to next?” asked Kurt.
“Let's just go and see what we find,” Kim said.

They passed a place called Jack’s Auto Shop. It was 2 loud place. There were men banging and drilling. One man in the auto shop was lying under a car. One man was looking under the hood of a cab.

“Do you think you can get a job in there?” asked Kurt.
“No way,’ Kim said. “I can't fix cars.”

“I think it looks like my kind of job,” said Kurt. “You get get to use lots of cool tools. And you get to mess up your clothing with grease! That's perfect!”

As they went on they passed lots of carts selling food.
One of the cart men was selling roasted peanuts.
Kurt caught a whiff of the spicy peanuts and started tugging on Kim’s blouse.

“Those nuts smell so good!” he said. “Can I have some?”
“Kurt!” Kim exclaimed. “You just had a cranberry muffin from the bakery!”

“But I need a snack for energy!”
“Fine,” Kim said. She got Kurt some peanuts.

Kim went into a music shop. The music in the shop was so loud she had to scream, “Do you have a job opening?”

The boss yelled no.

Kim tried a clothing shop. There were no jobs.

She spoke to the owner of a bookstore. He was not hiring.

She went into a shop that sold baby clothing. “We can’t help you,” said the ladies at the desk. “Good luck.”

After a bit Kim and Kurt came to a candy shop.
“That's the place to get a job! Kurt said cheerfully.

“If I can’t get a job, I can at least get a cavity,” said Kim. She went in and got some sweets for herself and Kurt. Then she and Kurt flopped down on a bench.

Kim was hot and tired. She was starting to think she might never find a job. She sighed and set her chin on her hand.

“Don't be so gloomy.” Kurt said. “You know what mom says: a quitter never wins, and a winner never quits.”

Kim smiled. “You are right, Kurt. Thanks for saying that,” she said. “I'll keep trying.”