Dwight's Lights

Kim and Kurt walked down the street.

Kurt stopped to look at a poster.

Kim yanked on his arm. “Let's go,” she said. “We can't stop till I find myself a job!”

Kim spotted the poster. It was hanging in a shop named Dwight’s Lights. In big, bold letters, it said “Dwight is hiring!”

Kim led Kurt into the shop.

Inside the shop there were hundreds of lights and lamps. And all of them were on.

“Yikes,” said Kurt, “it’s bright in here!”

Just then a man come charging up. He had a big smile and necktie with a light bulb on it. He started shouting at Kim and Kurt.

“Yes!” said the man. “It’s bright at Dwight’s Lights! In fact, it’s never night at Dwight’s Lights! Dwight likes it bright! ’I'm Dwight! Yes, I am the Man of Light! Dwight’s got big lights! Dwight’s got small lights! Dwight’s got tall lights! Dwight’s got short lights! Dwight’s got bright lights and brighter lights! Dwight’s got lights that shut off when you clap your hands! Dwight sells all kinds of light—except sunlight. Har, har, har!”

The man seemed to think this was the best joke of all time. But still he did not stop shouting.

“Yes, Dwight’s lights are out of sight. And Dwight’s price is without fail the right price! So don’t think twice! Get a light at Dwight’s! Yes, Miss, if you need a lamp or a light for your dorm room, you came to the right place! It’s Dwight’s place!”

At last the man stopped for a gulp of air.

“Um,” said Kim. “I don't need a light. I just need a job. I saw the poster outside. Are you still hiring?”

When Kim said, “I don't need a light.” the man’s face fell and he let out a sigh.

“Job?” he said, shifting into a quiet voice. “We filled the job. Is the poster still up?” He looked at the poster.

“We should have taken this poster down,” he said. “The job opening was filled last week.” Then he walked off.

Kim and Kurt went back out.

“Kim,” said Kurt, “Dwight was an odd man.”
“Indeed, he was,” said Kim.

Kurt did a bit of thinking. Then he said, “I think perhaps it’s best that you did not get that job.”

“I think you might be right,” said Kim.