Kim took Kurt by the hand and the two of them set off so that Kim could look for a job.

It was a summer morning in Brooklyn. There were lots of cars on the streets. There were people walking here and there. A man was sweeping the street outside his shop.

Kim and Kurt walked until they got to Prospect Park.

Kurt looked into the park as they went past. He saw people playing frisbee. He saw people on bikes. He saw a man playing fetch with his dog. He saw soccer players on their way to a game. He saw runners on their way to the gym.

“Gan we stop and play?” asked Kurt.

“No, ”Kim said. “I have to get a job.”

Kurt slumped a bit to let Kim see that he was sad, but he kept walking.

“Kim,” he said after a bit, “will having a job make you a grownup?”

Well, sort of” said Kim. “I’m in college. I think that ‘akes me part kid and part grownup.”

“Will you still have time to play with me?”

“Yes!” Kim said, rubbing Kurt's arm. “We will have lots of time to play. I’ll get a part-time job, one that is not too hard. That way, I will not be too tired when I get home. Then we can play.”

“You should get a job at the Bronx Zoo!” Kurt said.
“Then you can play with the snakes and tigers.”

Kim said. “I don’t think so. I don't like snakes. But we can visit the zoo later this summer. After I get a job, I will have cash to do fun things like that.”

Just then Kim saw two old pals waving at her.
“Lynn!” she yelled. “Sheryl! What's up?”

Lynn and Sheryl crossed the strect- “pi, Kim!” said Lynn. “Are you home from college for the summer?”

“Yes,” said Kim. “It’s good to be back here in Brooklyn!”

Kim slapped hands with her pals. Then she said, “You two have met Kurt, haven’t you?”

Lynn and Sheryl nodded. Lynn stooped down to look at Kurt and said, “Hi, big man! Would you like to come with us? We are going over to Drummer’s Grove to see the drummers.”

“Drummer’s Grove?” Kurt said. “Can we go, Kim? Can we? Can we? Can we?”

Kim hesitated. She needed to get started on her job pee But she wanted Kurt to have fun, too. If she dragged him off without seeing the drummers, there was a chance he would get mad and fuss all day. That would not be much fun.

“Okay,” she said at last. “But just for a bit. I need to get started with my job hunt.”