We Make a Book
When we got back to Nan’s, I started to write the book. I wrote down all of the cool Stuff that happ-ened to me out West. The hard-est part was getting started. Once I got Started, it went fast.

Nan helped me pick out good words. Sometimes when you write, you have to write things two or three times to get all of the best words and get them in the best order.

Max helped me out, too. He said, “I can help you with spelling. Iam the best speller in my class.” Max looked at what I had written and fixed a lot of spelling mistakes that Thad made.

When I had written the words, Nan got out her brush and started to make the art. It took her a long time. She sent the pic'tures to me three weeks after I went home.

My dad took me and my book to a pal of his to see if he would pubilish the book.

The man looked at it and said, “This is well- written! Children out there will like this book. I'd like to print it!”

I was so glad, I shouted, “Yipp-ee!”

The man and his staff got the book all set to Publish. Then they sent it to a printer.

I hope you liked the book.

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