We Are TV Stars
We drove back to Nan’s cab‘in and got there just in time to see ourselves on TV.

The TV man said, “This is Rog'er Fletcher. Im standing here in the Badlands, where two children have found the bones of aT. rex.”

Then Max and I saw ourselves on TV. “Woo-hool” I shouted. “We are TV. stars!”

Then came the part where the TV. man asked Max his name, and Max looked like he was scared of the mike.

“Max, you goof” T said. “Why did you jump back like that?”

Max just shrugged.

Next the TV man asked me my name. I said, “I'm Kate.” Then I waved.

“Max.” said the TV man, “where did you spot the bone?”

Max said, “It was sticking out of the side of a cliff”

“What did you use to dig it out?”
“We used our forks!” said Max.

Then we saw the close-up of Max and me with our forks.

“So there you have it!” said the TV man. ‘Im Roger Fletcher with a tale of two children, two forks, and one large T. rex!”