Two Good Things and One Bad Thing
The next week, Nan said, “I just spoke with Ron Fitch, the bone man. I've got three things to tell you. Two of them are good things that you will like. One is a bad thing that you will not like.”

“Tell me one of the good things,” I said.

“Mister Fitch got the tests back. The bone that you and Max found is a T. rex bone!”

“Yipp-ee!” I shout-ed. “I am glad that is solved. Max will be so thrilled that he has a T. rex bone!”

“Well,” said Nan, “that brings me to the bad thing.”

“What is it?” I asked, scratching my wrist.

“The bad thing is that you and Max will not get to keep the bone for your-selves.”

“Why not? Did we do something wrong?”

“Well,” Nan said, “it's be: cause you found the bone in a state park. There is a law that says that you can't dig up bones in state parks and keep them for your self”

“Bummer!” I said. “So who gets to keep it?”

“The state. Mis:ter Fitch and his helpers will keep the bone and dig up the rest of the bones, too. And that brings me to the last thing.”

“This is a good thing?”

“Tell me!”

“They would like you and Max to vis:it them when they are digging up the bones. And they would like the two of you to pick out a name for the T. rex that you found.”
“Cool” I said.