Things with Wings

Next, let's see some things with wings.

This is a puffin. He makes his home up north, not too far from the North Pole.

Look at those cute feet! But they are not just cute. The puffin's feet help him swim.

Note, as well, his big bill. The puffin can use his bill to get fish.

Puffins are born from eggs. The puffin mom and dad sit on their egg. The mom sits. Then the dad sits. In the end, the click pops out of the shell. The mom and dad take care of the click until it can care for it self. Look! That puffin has fish in her bill! She will feed those fish to her click.

In this next room, we have a finch. Unlike the puffin, the finch makes a home in woodlands. He can use his bill to snap up grass seeds for food.

I'm sad to tell you that the finch is getting to be quite rare. We are proud to have five of them here at the Green Fern Zoo.