Meet Vern

My name is Vern, and I have the best job! My job is to take you kids in to see the Green Fern Zoo.

we wil see things with wings and things with scales, things that bite and things that sting, things that creep and things that swim.

I have lots of fun facts and tales to share with you. So let's see the zoo and have some fun!

Things That Swim

I hope you kids like things that swim, because this is the room where we keep all the fish.

The fish here are trout. A trout is a fish that swims in cool lakes and creeks. You can see that they have lots of spots and marks. The spots and marks help the trout hide. They make the trout look a lot like the stand on the bed of a creek.

Here's a big fish that makes all of the wee fish run and hide. This is a reef shark. It has that name because it likes to make its home close to a reef, where there are losts of fish.

You can see that the reef shark has fins and a set of gills on its hide. You can not see them from here, but this shark has lots of sharp teeth in its mouth.

Would a reef shark bite you? Well, you are not the lunch that this shark would like best. A reef shark likes to feed on squid, crabs, and shrimp. But it would be smart not to get the reef shark mad at you all the same!