The Visit
After telling us the tale, Jack said, “It's time to pack up the food.”

We stuffed the food into a large pack with a rope on it. Jack tossed the rope up into a tree and hoisted the food pack up so that it was hanging ten feet off of the ground.

“Paw-paw.” said Max, “why do we have to keep the food up in the tree?”

“Be-cause it will keep the food safe from foxes and racc:oons that would like to snack on it,” Jack said.

After that, we crawled into the tents, flipped off our lan-terns, and went to sleep.

Nan and I slept well until a loud clatter outside woke us up.

“What was that?” I asked.

“I can't tell,” said Nan, as she hugged me close to her.

Jack ran outside with his lantern and yelled, “Get out of here! Scram! Get lost!”

When we went out, we saw Jack and Max standing there. Jack had his lantern.

“Jack,” Nan asked, “who came to visit?”

“I did not see it,” said Jack, “but Im betting it was a fox who was looking for some scraps of food. He bumped into the pots and pans. The clatter of the pots and pans must have scared him off.”

“Is that why we hoisted the food pack up in the tree?” Max asked.

“That’s why!” said Jack.