The Scoop
Af-ter we named the T. rex, some men came charging up to us.

“Can we shoot some film of you for TV?" one of them asked. “It would be a big scoop for us.”

Nan and Jack said it was OK.

The men set up a bunch of stuff to shoot the film. Then one of them started counting down from ten. He said, “Three, two, one!” Then he pointed at us.

The TV man spoke in-to a mike. He said, “This is Roger Fletcher. I'm standing here in the Badlands, where two children have found the bones of aT. rex.”

The man bent down to Max and stuck the mike un-der his nose. He said, “What's your name?”

Max looked like he was scared of the mike. He jumped back a bit. Then he muttered, ‘Im Max.”

“And you?”
I said, “I'm Kate.” Then I waved.

“Max.” said the man, “where did you spot the bone?”

Max said, “It was sticking out of the side of a cliff.”

“Kate, could you tell it was o bone when you saw it?”

“No,” I said, “it looked like a rock.”
“What did you use to dig it out?”
“We used our forks!” said Max.

“Forks!” said the man. “That's cool. Could I get a close-up of the two of you with your forks?”

Some-one ran and got us two forks. We held them up and smiled until the man said, “Cut!” And that was the end of that.