The Reptile Room

Who likes snakes? Hands up if you like them!

Some kids like snakes best of all, and some kids can't stand them. If you do not like snakes, you can skip this next room because it is the reptile room.

This is a garter snake. Garter snakes feed on slugs, insects, and frogs. For those critters, the garter snakes is a killer. But for us, it is harmless. A garter snake could bite you, but its bite would not make you sick.

This is a rattler. He is a desert dweller that hunts for rats and rabbits. He has a pattern on his scales that helps him blend in and hide in the desert sands. When the rattler is hidden, it is hard for rats and rabbits to see him.

A rattler is not harmless like a garter snake. If you ever see this snake hissing and coiling up, you better stand back and let it be. The rattler has sharp fangs, and a bite from a rattler could kill you. But we are safe here in the reptile room. There is a sheet of glass keeping us safe from the snakes.