The Hike
The next morning, we went on a hike. After a bit, we stopped for lunch.

When Max fin-ished his lunch, he asked, “Can Kate and I look for rocks?”

Jack said OK.

“Kate,” Max said to me, “bring your fork. We can use it to dig up rocks.”

I grabbed my fork, and we went off to look for rocks.

Max pointed at a bump on the side of a cliff and said, “Let's dig that rock out!”

The rock did not look all that large. But when we started digging, we soon saw that it was larg-er than it had seemed.

Af-ter a bit, Max said, “Gee! It must be two feet long! We need to keep scratching in or-der to carve it out of the side of the cliff”

We went on scratching with our forks.

“Let's tug on it!” Max said. “I bet we can get it out by our-selves.”

We grabbed and tugged it.

It popped out. But so did a big cloud of Sand and dust. Max and I fell down.

Once the dust and sand had drifted off, I saw Max standing there with the thing in his hands.

“It's not a rock!” he yelled. “It’s a bone!”

It was the biggest bone I had ev-er seen. It was three feet long!

Jack and Nan came running.

“Goodness!” said Nan. “That is one large bone! Where did you get it?”

Max pointed to the spot where we found it.

Jack set the bone on the ground. Then he took a pic-ture of the bone and said, “We need to get an expert to look at this bone and tell us what sort of bone it is.”