The Campsite
Jack came and picked us up in his truck. We drove to a campsite in the Badlands.

“Nan,” I said, “what's up with that name—the Badlands?”

“Well.” said Nan, “leg-end has it that a long time back, farm-ers came out here looking for farm-land. When they saw all of the rocks and sand and stone, they said, This is bad land! We can't plant crops here!’ And the name Badlands just sort of stuck.”

“It’s bad land for farming,” said Jack. “But it's good land for camping!”

When we got to the campsite, we hadto unpack sleep:ing bags, tents. lanterns, matches, and lots of food. We lugged it all to the campsite.

Jack chose a spot to set up camp. Max and I helped set up the tents. It took us a long time.

For dinner we had hot dogs. We stuck them on sticks and held them in the fire. My hot dog got all black because I left it in there too long. Max gave me one of his.

That was when I said to my-self, “Max is OK!"