The Book Shop
In the book shop, there was a big stack of books. Next to the books sat Stan Bender, the man who wrote the books. He had a pen in his hand and a big smile on his lips.

“You'd smile too if your book were selling as well as his is!” Nan said.

Nan shook hands with him and said, “I've got twelve of your books. This one was your best pook yet"

The man smiled and said, “That's sweet of you! I hope you will pick up my next one, too!”

“I will” said Nan.

Then the man wrote, “Best wishes, Stan Bencter” in Nan’s book.

“Mister Bender,” I asked, “how. hard was it to write that book?”

“Well,” he said, “this one was not all that hard. The last one I did was a lot harder.”

As we got back in the car I said, “Nan. I'd like to write a book.”

“What sort of book would it be?” Nan asked.
“Well.” I said, “Max and I found the T. rex.”
“Yes, you did,” said Nan.
“And you and I found that coin.”
“Yes,” said Nan.
“And we are out here in the West.”

“So it could be a bones and coins and western sort of book.”

“Why not?” said Nan. “If you write it, I will make the pictures.”

I said, “Shake on it!” Then we shook hands.