The Bone Man
The next morning, Jack said, “Ijust had a chat with a man from Western State College. His name is Ron Fitch, and he is an expert on bones. He has written lots of books. If we bring him the bone, he can tell us what sort of bone it is.”

“He's a bone man?” asked Max.
“Yep,” said Jack.

We got into the truck. Jack said that I was in charge of the bone. I wrapped it up and set it on my lap.

When we got to the college, we gave the bone man the bone. When he saw it, he broke into a big grin.

The bone man bent down and said, “I could be wrong, but it looks like you've found some-thing big here! I have to do some tests, but Till bet this is a bone of a T. rex.”

“Sweet!” yelled Max.
“What's a T. rex?” I asked.
Max looked at me like I was from Mars.

“Kate!” he said, “T. rex is like the coolest, biggest reprtile of all time!”

The bone man went and got a book. He pointed to a large picture of a T. rex.

“Jeepers,” I said, “he is big! Why have I nev-er seen a T. rex like this at the zoo?”

The bone man smiled. So did Nan and Jack.

“You can't see a T. rex at the zoo.” the bone man said. “They were all wiped out a long time back in the past. The T. rex is extinct. All that's left of them to-day are b ones pres-erved in the ground. And there are not a lot of bones. That’s why it’s such a cool thing that you found this bone pres-erved in the side of the cliff”