The Big Dig
When we went back to the cliff, the bone man was there with some help-ers. They had scraped the side of the cliff to expose a lot of the T. rex.

“So, will you dig out all of the bones here on site?” asked Nan.

“No,” said the bone man, “the next step will be to carve this cliff into large blocks of rock. Then we will wrap the blocks up in plaster. The plaster will keep the bones from cracking. Then we will use a large crane to set the blocks on trucks. Then the trucks will take them to my lab. Once the blocks are there, we will start digging the bones out of the blocks.”

“What sort of tools do you use for that?” asked Nan.

“We use tools a lot like the ones dentists use on teeth—brush-es and sharp picks.”
“Kate and I used forks!” said Max.

“How long wil it take to carve all of the bones out of the rocks?” Jack asked.

“Well,” said the bone man, “we've got a lot to do. It will take some time be:cause we have fo be care-ful not to wreck the bones.”

“Will you be finished by the end of the summer?” I asked.

“No,” said the bone man, “you and Max will have to visit next summer and per-haps the summer after that. Then we can catch up on our digging progress!”

“So,” said the bone man, “have you picked out a name for this T. rex?”

“Yes, I've picked one,” I said.

All of the diggers stopped digging and looked at me.

I said, “This T. rex will be named Max, or if you like, T Max"

All of the men cheered. Max smiled.