What do you kids like to have for lunch? Hot dogs? Chicken nuggets?

What if I gave you a lump of wood or a big tree stump for lunch? Would you like that?.

Well, if you were a ter mite, you would like it. Termites are in-sects that like to munch on wood.

See this big spike sticking up from the ground? It looks sort of like a rock, but it is a termite mound. If you could look inside, you would see lots of termites.

If you would like to see what termites look like, take a peek in this box.

As you can see, termites look a lot like ants. They have six legs like ants. A termite mound has a queen who makes eggs, just like in an ant-hill. Here you can see that the termite queen is much bigger than the rest of the termites.

Would a termite munch on your home? It would if your home is made of wood. The termites from a big mound could have your living room for lunch and your bed room for dinner!