In the Cave
When I went to visit with Nan, I was sad. I missed Mom and Dad. But Nan cheered me up and made things fun.

Nan took me on hikes. The land I saw in the West was not at alll like the land I am used to. Where I am from, things are green in the summer, and there are lots of trees. Out in the West, there are hills and red rocks, but not a lot of trees. In some spots, you can hike for a mile and not see one tree!

Once, Nan and I were on a hike when it started to storm. Nan and I went into a cave so that we would not get wet.

As we were standing there, I saw something shimmer in the dark.

“Nan,” I said, pointing at the spot, “what's that?”

“Well,” said Nan, “let's have a look.”

We looked and saw some:thing stuck in a crack in the rock. I grabbed it.

“It's a coin!” I said.

“Well, I'll be!” said Nan.

I said. “what sort of coin is it?”

Nan said, “I can't tell. It looks like it could be made of sitver”

Then she said, “T have a pal, Jack, who is an expert on coins. We can bring it to him tomorrow, and he will tell us what sort of coin it is.”

I dropped the coin in my pocket, and we went on with our hike.