Next, let's see the chimps. We have ten chimps here at the Green Fern Zoo. You can see them all out there if you look hard.

The one you see here is Bess. She has a snack in her mouth. Bess and rest of the chimps like to much on plants, nuts, and seeds.

Do you see that chimp with the stick? That's Bart. Bart likes to have ants for lunch. To get the ants, he takes a stick and sticks it in an ant hill. Then he lifts it up and licks off the ants. Yum, yum!

The chimp with rope in his hand is Max. He's just a babe. He was born in March. Bess is his mom.

Max is a lot of fun. He likes to swing on the rope and splash in the pool.

The two chimps up on the rocks are Carl and Norm. Carl is the one on the left. Carl and Norm are pals. But they were not pals last week.

Last week we gave them a branch from a fig tree for lunch. Norm took the branch and ran off with it. He ate all of the figs. Carl was mad at Norm all week.

But that was last week. This week the two of them are pals.