Big Cats

Do you like cats? If you do look there in the grass. Do you see the cat?

That is not sort of cat that you keep in your home and feed cat food. That is a bob cat.

Bobcats are good hunters. They hunt rabbits, rats, and some times deer and sheep.

That bobcat's name is Robert, or Bob for short. Get it?

If you look up on that rock, you will see a cat that's bigger than a bobcat. It's a panther.

Panthers can have spots. They can be tan, too. Here at the Green Fern Zoo, we have two black panthers. The name of his one is Jet.

That's Jet's sister, Flash, up on the tree branch. Flash has strong legs that help her run fast. She has sharp teeth and sharp claws that help her hunt rabbits and deer. She can use her claws to scamper up a tree if she needs to.

You can see that she is not all black like jet, She has some spots.