Pumkin, Wantermelon, and Melon live on the farm together.
Melon and Watermelon foten make fun of Pumkin for his rough, bumpy skin.
Pumkin wishes he had smooth skin like the others.
Maybe he could smooth his skin by rolling in the soil.
But that just makes him dirty! "Look at Pumkin!"
Melon and Watermelon laugh, "Now his skin is bumpy and dirty!"
Pumkin thinks of a way to clean himself.
When the farmer comes to water the crops, Pumkin tries to wash itself with the water.
But he's still dirty when the farmer moves on.
Later that afternoon, it rains! This time. Pumkin is washed clean.
But the rain causes a mudslide. Pumkin, Melon, and Watermelon roll down hill.