International Junior Math Olympiad Grade5_01 on Day:.........Month:..........Year:...........

Total Core =

  • Question 1: How many rectangles are there in the figure below?
  • Image question 1
  • Question 2: February 2017 has 28 days. The number of days in this year's February is how many times of the number of days in one week?
  • Question 3: There were 400 members in a chess club last year. The number of members decreased by 5% this year. How many members are there in the chess club this year?
  • Question 4: The product of all the factors of 10 is equal to _______.
  • Question 5: The sum of two prime numbers is always ______
  • Question 6: The letters in the word MATHEMATICIAN were put in a box. What is the chance of getting letter A?
  • Question 7: What fraction of this square is shaded if the line inside divides the square into two equal parts?
  • image of question 7
  • Question 8: Mr. Cho received a container of fresh eggs. He sold 13 of the eggs in the morning and sold 320 eggs in the afternoon. At the end of the day, he found that 14 of the eggs were not sold. How many eggs did he receive in the beginning?
  • Question 9: Cindy saved $15 in the first month, $30 in the second month, $45 in the third month, and so forth. The amount of money she saved in the last month was $120. How much money did Cindy save in total?
  • Question 10: A number is added to 3. The sum is then multiplied by 5. When 8 is subtracted from the product, the result is 12. What is this number?