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  • Question 1: A farm has 30 chickens and rabbits altogether. There are only 100 legs. Find the number of rabbits in the farm.
  • Question 2: A father is 50 years old. His son is 24 years old. How many years ago was the father’s age three times his son’s age?
  • Question 3: When Tom weighed an apple and banana, the scale showed 230 grams. When he replaced the apple with an orange, the scale showed 370 grams. When Tom put the apple bac, the scale showed 540 grams. What is the combined weight of the apple and orange?
  • Question 4: In a class, 14 students collect stamps, 16 students collect postcards, 5 students collect both and 4 students collect none of them. How many students are there in this class?
  • Question 5: Ali is making squares using matches. He made the next square by adding more matches to the previous square. How many matches does he have to add to the 5th square to build the 6th square?/ul>
  • Image question 5
  • Question 6: There were 60 birds on three trees. Then 6 birds flew away from the first tree, 8 birds flew away from the second tree and 4 birds flew away from the third tree. Now there are the same number of birds on each tree. How many birds were there on the second tree in the beginning?
  • Question 7: Iqra is 10 years old. Her father Arman is currently 4 times as old as Iqra. How old will Arman be when Iqra is twice as old as she is now?
  • Question 8: How many small cubes were removed from the original cuboid in the picture below?
  • Image question 8
  • Question 9: Four students can sit around a square table. Students placed 10 square tables side by side in order to make one long table for a school party. How many students could sit around this long table?
  • Question 10: How many times will the digit "7" be written if you write down the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, ..., 2016, 2017?