International Junior Math Olympiad Grade4_01 on Day:.........Month:..........Year:...........

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  • Question 1: February 2017 has 28 days. The number of days in this year's February is how many times of the number of days in one week?
  • Question 2: Westview School is buying 12 new basketball uniforms. Each uniform costs $46. Which equation shows a way to find the total cost of the uniforms?
  • Question 3: For three days, Kitty was catching mice. Each day Kitty caught 2 more mice than she did the previous day. In total, how many mice did Kitty catch during these three days?
  • Question 4: Laura decorated each of her 24 cookies. She decorated 15 cookies with green colour and 13 cookies with blue colour. How many cookies were decorated with both green and blue colour?
  • Question 5: The sum of ages of Allie, Diana and Zoe is 15. Next year, the sum of their ages will be ____.
  • Question 6: Hailey wrote a one-digit number, then she wrote another digit to its right. She added 27 to the obtained number and got 91. What was the first digit that she wrote?
  • Question 7: What fraction of the whole figure below is shaded?
  • image of question 7
  • Question 8: Ronny is facing Northeast. What direction will he be facing if he turns 90° clockwise?
  • Question 9: Cindy saved $15 in the first month, $30 in the second month, $45 in the third month, and so forth. The amount of money she saved in the last month was $120. How much money did Cindy save in total?
  • Question 10: A number is added to 3. The sum is then multiplied by 5. When 8 is subtracted from the product, the result is 12. What is this number?