International Junior Math Olympiad Grade3_03 on Day:.........Month:..........Year:...........

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  • Question 1: Cheryl collects photos of famous singers. The number of newly collected photos in each year is equal to the sum of the number of photos collected in the previous two years. She collected 60 photos in 2015 and 96 photos in 2016. How many photos she collected in 2013?
  • Question 2: A math competition paper consists of 20 questions. Each question is worth 4 or 5 points. The total maximum number of points possible is 84. Jack was able to solve all the 4-point questions and half of the 5-point questions. What is Jack’s score?
  • Question 3: The product of two numbers is 100 and their sum is 29. What is their difference?
  • Question 4: Oliver brought 36 cookies and Annie brought 20 cookies. Don and Jessa did not bring any cookies. They all got together and shared the cookies equally among themselves. How many cookies did each kid get?
  • Question 5: Angelica added all the whole numbers from 1 to 20. Benjamin added all the whole numbers from 11 to 30. Chris subtracted Angelica’s answer from Benjamin’s. What is the number Chris got?
  • Question 6: In a zoo, one lion can balance out 5 monkeys. One leopard can balance out 4 dogs. One leopard and 2 dogs can balance out 3 monkeys. How many dogs can balance out one lion?
  • Question 7: The sum of five consecutive whole numbers (5 numbers next to one another) is 20. What is their product?
  • Question 8: When Tom weighed an apple and a banana, the scale showed 230 grams. When he replaced the apple with an orange, the scale showed 370 grams. When Tom put the apple back, the scale showed 540 grams. What is the combined weight of the apple and orange?
  • Question 9: In a class, 14 students collect stamps, 16 students collect postcards, 5 students collect both and 4 students collect none of them. How many students are there in the class?
  • Question 10: Three sisters, Caitlin, Beatrice and Ashley share an apartment. They decided to combine their money to buy a TV. Caitlin contributed $425. Beatrice contributed $245 more than Caitlin. Ashley contributed $150 less than Beatrice. How much does the TV cost?