International Junior Math Olympiad Grade3_01 on Day:.........Month:..........Year:...........

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  • Question 1: Today, Ray added his age and his brother’s age and he got 11. What will be the sum of their ages after one year?
  • Question 2: It is given that π‘Ž&𝑏=π‘ŽΓ—π‘+π‘Ž+𝑏. For example, 1&3=1Γ—3+1+3=7. What is the value of (2&3)&1?
  • Question 3: What is the missing number in the sequence 1, 2, 4, ___ , 11, 16?
  • Question 4: Lilia scored 15 points fewer than Bob, who scored 35 points. Carol scored half as many points as Lilia. How many points did Carol score?
  • Question 5: Three friends have 18 jelly beans altogether. They want to share the jelly beans equally among each other. How many jelly beans should each friend get?
  • Question 6: For three days, Kitty was catching mice. Each day Kitty caught 2 more mice than the previous day. How many mice did Kitty catch in these three days?
  • Question 7: Jed has 8 coins. His sister has twice as many coins as Jed. How many coins do they have altogether?
  • Question 8: A bucket contains 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue and 1 white flower. Maja, the bee, visit every flower in the bucket only once. She starts from the red flower, and she does not fly directly from the blue flower to the yellow flower. In how many ways can Maja visit all the flowers exactly once?
  • Question 9: How many times does the digit "3" appear from 1 to 70?
  • Question 10: A cube with side length of 3 cm is painted grey and cut into smaller cubes each with side length of 1 cm. How many of the smaller cubes have exactly 3 faces painted?
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