International Junior Math Olympiad Grade2_03 on Day:.........Month:..........Year:...........

Total Core =

  • Question 1: Study the picture carefully. What number should be placed in the shaded box?
  • image of question 1
  • Question 2: A minute ago, there were 20 more people in room A than in room B. Six people from room A moved to room B. How many more people are there in room A than in room B now?
  • Question 3: The product of two numbers is 24 and their sum is 11. What is their difference?
  • Question 4: Oliver brought 14 cookies and Annie brought 10 cookies. Don and Jessa did not bring any cookies. They all got together and shared the cookies equally among themselves. How many cookies does each kid get?
  • Question 5: What number is covered by the star?
  • image of question 5
  • Question 6: In a zoo, one lion can balance out 5 monkeys. One leopard can balance out 4 dogs. One leopard and 2 dogs can balance out 3 monkeys. How many dogs can balance out one lion?
  • Question 7: The sum of three consecutive whole numbers (3 numbers next to one another) is 30. What is their product?
  • Question 8: How many triangles are there in the drawing below?
  • image of question 8
  • Question 9: In a class, 14 students collect stamps, 16 students collect postcards, 5 students collect both and 4 students collect none of them. How many students are there in this class?
  • Question 10: William has two kinds of square tiles. Each small tile is 5 cm long, and each big tile is 7 cm long. He arranged all the small tiles in one row, leaving no gaps in between. He also arranged all the big tiles in another row, leaving no gaps in between. Each row covers 385 cm long surface. How many more small tiles than big tiles did William use?